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Six music Emmys, two Grammy nominations, four gold records, seven Public Television specials and 8 million records sold. After more than three decades as an international entertainer, John Tesh’s recording and live concert career continues to thrive today.

In JOHN TESH: SONGS AND STORIES FROM THE GRAND PIANO, the beloved pianist, composer and Emmy Award-winning radio and TV host reminisces about his life and 25-year career through music, pictures and hilarious anecdotes. Tesh reveals how he got his first job in radio, the enduring impact of his Olympics theme song, and the story behind that infamous Red Rocks Live performance in the driving rain. Featuring appearances by John’s daughter Prima and son Gib, John also tells of his recent battle with cancer, and gives an inspiring meditation on persistence, grit, purpose and the importance of faith and family.

Whether at the solo piano, with a 12-piece ‘big band’ or an 80 piece orchestra, Tesh’s ability to create a unique journey for concert fans with music and storytelling has taken him from the Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Coliseum in Rome to Carnegie Hall and The Kennedy Center. John’s live television concerts, including the seminal ‘Live at Red Rocks,’ have raised millions of dollars for Public Television.

Tesh’s consistent popularity as a TV and Radio broadcaster has only amplified the personal connection with his loyal tribe of fans who get to listen to him 6 days a week on the ‘Intelligence For Your Life’ radio and multi-platform programs. The radio show alone amasses 40 million gross impressions/per week. John’s Facebook page has a weekly reach of 20 million to 25 million engagements/week. Tesh and his marketing team regularly utilize these robust platforms to promote his live concert performances.

Twenty five years and 50 plus recordings into his multi-faceted, ever-evolving musical and broadcast career, John Tesh’s highly successful and varied career path also includes a string of #1 radio hits, a Keyboard Magazine Performance award, 12 years as an investigative journalist for the CBS TV Network, a 10-year run as anchor on Entertainment Tonight, broadcast host and music composer for the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympic Games, and the unique distinction of composing what critics have hailed as “The greatest sports theme song in television history,” the NBC SPORTS’ NBA Basketball Theme.

A self-proclaimed school “band geek” playing trumpet in marching and jazz bands in junior high and high school, Tesh was proficient on the trumpet and piano from the age of six. He studied privately with classical and jazz instructors in NY, and was named to the New York State Symphonic Orchestra in high school while also playing Hammond B3 in 3 Long Island rock

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