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Scott Richards

Scott Richards, Afternoons 3-7pm

It all began at a small, 1000 watt AM Radio station in Western New York.

And in 1983, Scott Richards moved south to Myrtle Beach to begin an adventure in radio.

He’s been the General Manager, Owner, Program Director, Sales Manager, and every other possible position with the stations now known as EASY 105.9 and 100.7.

As afternoon host and Program Director, Scott Richards is passionate about the music played on these great radio stations, and equally passionate about connecting with listeners and the community.

Scott is a big animal shelter advocate, having started the “Best Friend of The Week” more than a decade ago. It helps supports animal shelters from Georgetown to North Myrtle Beach, and brings new forever friends to families throughout the listening area.

Over the years, Scott Richards has served as President of the South Carolina Broadcasters Association, The Coastal Advertising Federation, the Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach, and has served on numerous boards for non-profit organizations.

When not playing radio, you’ll find him reading (a lot!) and going to the movies (a lot!). He is a cyclist, a pianist, and a person who avoids all melted cheese at all costs.

Scott’s wife Cheryl is Vice Principal of St. Andrew Catholic School, and they have a son, Nicholas. They live in the heart of Myrtle Beach.

You can reach him at



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