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Murphy, Sam & Jodi Morning Show

Murphy, Sam and Jodi blends role defining arcs with pop culture and listener participation to create an emotional connection every morning.

Murphy – A man of many names: Mr. Safety, father of two and husband to Jodi. Knew Sam before he met Jodi – and only one of them was good enough to marry! He’s the first.

Sam – Sam brings the laughs to your mornings with his cynical and sarcastic view on the world. A single dad of 5 great kids and almost as many exes. Don’t let his tough shell fool you; under neath all those layers, Sam does have a heart.

Jodi – Our leading lady and the heart of MSJ. The everyday working mom just trying to juggle it all! She keeps the female perspective alive and well. A country girl at heart, and completely addicted to pop culture.

Chelsey Rene

Chelsey Rene was born and raised in southwest Virginia, and she bleeds orange and maroon, at least until her student debt is paid off.

Her career in broadcast started in college. While studying Communication and Sociology at Virginia Tech, she volunteered at the campus radio station once a week, playing, of all genres, metal music.

Those experiences lead to her first part-time job in the field, and after a brief stint in television, she quickly realized radio is where she truly belongs.

Following her passions, she packed her bags and traded the quiet mountains of Appalachia for the salty waters of the Grand Strand.

She’s been working for the company ever since. You can tune in to her show from 10-3 on Easy Radio.

When she’s not on-air, she enjoys blogging about her experiences, staying up late to read her latest novel, experimenting with vegetarian meals in the kitchen and going out to bars and festivals for live and local music.

You can contact her at

Scott Richards

It all began at a small, 1000 watt AM Radio station in Western New York.

And in 1983, Scott Richards moved south to Myrtle Beach to begin an adventure in radio.

He’s been the General Manager, Owner, Program Director, Sales Manager, and every other possible position with the stations now known as EASY 105.9 and 100.7.

As afternoon host and Program Director, Scott Richards is passionate about the music played on these great radio stations, and equally passionate about connecting with listeners and the community.

Scott is a big animal shelter advocate, having started the “Best Friend of The Week” more than a decade ago. It helps supports animal shelters from Georgetown to North Myrtle Beach, and brings new forever friends to families throughout the listening area.

Over the years, Scott Richards has served as President of the South Carolina Broadcasters Association, The Coastal Advertising Federation, the Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach, and has served on numerous boards for non-profit organizations.

When not playing radio, you’ll find him reading (a lot!) and going to the movies (a lot!). He is a cyclist, a pianist, and a person who avoids all melted cheese at all costs.

Scott’s wife Cheryl is Vice Principal of St. Andrew Catholic School, and they have a son, Nicholas. They live in the heart of Myrtle Beach.

You can reach him at


Delilah is the most-listened-to-woman on radio in the U.S.  Delilah’s soothing voice, open heart and love of music have expanded her audience to more than eight million weekly listeners on approximately 160 radio stations in the U.S.  Delilah, who celebrated the 30-year anniversary of her nighttime radio program in 2016, was honored with the radio industry’s highest accolades– an induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016m and the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Broadcast Hall of Fame induction, marking the first time in 35 years that a woman would receive such a distinction.

Delilah’s distinctive blend of story-telling, sympathetic listening and encouragement– all scored with adult contemporary music– makes her top ranked in most cities with female and male listeners, alike. She says her show is a “safety zone where listeners take off their armor, slip into a ‘Mr. Rogers’ cardigan, sit around the electronic hearth and share their secrets.”

Often referred to as the “Oprah of Radio,” Delilah is also the author of four books, including the forthcoming “One Heart At a Time”, coming in October 2018.

As a mother of 13 children, 10 of whom she adopted, Delilah established a foundation called Point Hope as a voice for forgotten children everywhere.

Delilah has joined the effort to help provide food and necessities to hungry children in America by raising awareness of the heartbreak of hungry children with her millions of nightly listeners.

Daily broadcasts, caring for her children, running a foundation, writing books, traveling and public speaking add up to a very busy life for Delilah.  And she wouldn’t have it any other way.


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