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Chelsey Rene

Shop, Eat and Support LOCAL

I am slowly, but surely!, marking through items on my Ultimate Beach Bucket List. Truthfully, as you may have noticed, I've been slacking a bit. It’s much harder, waaay more difficult than I originally thought, to get things done with this darn ‘ole virus going around. ... stupid pandemic... it is ruining EVERYTHING. With the [...]

Make-You-Go-Back-For-Seconds Cheesecake Cupcakes!

I ended up making a batch of these for the 4th of July, so, naturally, I had to incorporate red, white and blue to make them patriotic! It was pretty simple too. I just dropped red food coloring into the cheesecake mixture, bought some white cupcake liners and topped them off with a blueberry compote. [...]

One Sweet Saturday

I had the morning ALLLL planned out. Get up at 5. Throw on some clothes. Pack up a bag with some large, fluffy beach towels. Grab a cup of heavily sweetened coffee from Speedway. Head to Pawleys Island, southend. Witness the mystical, magical moment where the first few rays of sunlight peak over the horizon [...]

The ULTIMATE Beach Bucket List

It's hard to believe I've been at the beach for 3 years, but it's true! I moved down in 2017 for work, and I haven't looked back since. I mean, why would I? I LIVE, WORK AND PLAY AT THE BEACH! I love what I do. I love the area, the businesses, the activities. I [...]

Let’s Go Bananas!

...with Banana Pudding Shots!!! If you haven't heard by now, I share a refreshing drink recipe at 2:15 every Friday on the air and on the EASY Facebook page! We like to call it "Chelsey Rene's Refresher." It's to help wrap up the workweek and kick off the weekend. To relax you. To refresh you. [...]

Mexican Restaurant White Sauce Recipe!

I used to think that ALL Mexican restaurants served their customers fresh, smooth salsa, warm, crispy tortilla chips AND creamy, seasoned white sauce once everyone was seated. At least, that's how it always happened in southwest Virginia when I would go to one with friends or family. We'd pile in at a table, and immediately, [...]

Chelsey Rene Middays 10am-3pm

Chelsey Rene was born and raised in southwest Virginia, and she bleeds orange and maroon, at least until her student debt is paid off.

Her career in broadcast started in college. While studying Communication and Sociology at Virginia Tech, she volunteered at the campus radio station once a week, playing, of all genres, metal music.

Those experiences lead to her first part-time job in the field, and after a brief stint in television, she quickly realized radio is where she truly belongs.

Following her passions, she packed her bags and traded the quiet mountains of Appalachia for the salty waters of the Grand Strand.

She’s been working for the company ever since. You can tune in to her show from 10-3 on Easy Radio.

When she’s not on-air, she enjoys blogging about her experiences, staying up late to read her latest novel, experimenting with vegetarian meals in the kitchen and going out to bars and festivals for live and local music.

You can contact her at


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